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    sus/fina /prop /eq? too much

    i am about ready to finish with a cutting cycle and wondering if its too much test.

    75mg fina eod
    prop with it
    500mg of sust week
    and eq 200
    i have been taking liquidex and have plenty of clomid on hand.
    i am 5'11 215 about 13-15%bf

    i am finishing my bulking cycle and it consist of
    500mg sus week
    400mg of deca week
    37.5 mg of reforvit -b ed
    .5mg of liquidex ed
    now i am wondering if that is too much test for my cutting cycle..
    i dont want winny's because that seems to be the only thing to give me nosebleeds lol

    weeks 1-12 sus 250
    weeks 1-6 deca 400mg
    weeks 1-4 reforvit-b
    weeks 7-12 fina 75mg eod
    weeks 7-12 eq 400mg
    7-12 test prop
    and .5 liquidex ed 1-12
    and clomid 2 weeks after
    any other ideas about this?
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