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    Cycle and Diet help plz

    Ok. I have been reading alot and have finally decided to post and ask for help and some advice. First of all I have been advised on a first cycle and would like to see wether it a good first cycle or should I add or take away.

    1-13 Test Enan 500mg EW
    1-12 EQ (Boldenone ) 400mg EW
    1-14 Arimidex .25mg ED
    1-14 Nolva 10mg ED

    15-18 Nolve 20mg
    15-18 Arimidex .25mg
    300mg day 1 / 100mg days 2 through 11 / 50mg days 12 throguh 21

    I want to get my max's back up to were they used to be. But I also want to start to lose the body fat while I am doing this cycle. Right now I am 5'10 and 240. I have a good solid build on me. I will be doing daily doubles working 1 body part per work out and doing atleast 1 hr of cardio. The main problem I have is working grave shift, and getting food. I am in the military and sometimes cant get food for 8 to 10 hrs. I try to bring food but it doesnt always happen. When I do eat i stick to a high protien diet and semi high fat, and low carbs.

    Still trying to iron out the work out routine for the daily doubles. Advice on this would be appreciated also. And cardio work outs would be nice insight since that is my weakest part. Any help would be much appreciated.

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    should maybe get some meal replacement shakes and prepack food like tuna sand,etc..
    another thing is check the workout and diet forums also. good luck.

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