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    How do you take your clomid?

    Lately I've seen people advising others to run clomid for 21 days! The drug profile, which I realize is somewhat outdated, says never more than 14, and usually only ten. It seems like just months ago when I was being advised to start around 100-150mg/ day and work down. I know it mostly depends on the person and cycle length, history, amount taken, etc... But in general, how do you take your clomid?

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    2 ways:

    Day 1: 300mg
    Day 2-11: 100mg ED
    Day 12-21: 50mg ED

    Week 1: 50mg ED
    Week 2: 100mg ED
    Week 3: 50mg ED

    The first one seems to be the most popular and seems to work the best.

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    depending on the ester attached to the steroid i will do post cycle 100mg ed first week, 50mg ed next two weeks, as my standard practice. as Excess brought up the frontloading of the clomid at 300mg is being adviced to many people to get blood levels of the drug up higher and faster due to clomids long half life. some even recommend just 100mg ed first week, 50mg ed for one more week. it's up to you. just make sure you take it post cycle.

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