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    cutting calories?

    Ok, here's my deal.

    I've been on my first cycle of deca /test 300mg each for 10 weeks. Now I'm going down to 200mg each for 2 weeks, then 100mg each for 2 weeks, HCG and Clomid in there too.

    I bulked up considerably, gaining 22 pounds which is fantastic. Now I'd like to get a little cut as well, and thought it might be a good time to do it now before I get off the roids altogether. As far as I understand, they have an anti-catabolic property, which means if I eat less I won't lose muscle as easily, right? Do you think it's safe to cut the calories just a bit and up the cardio for the remaining 4 weeks of my cycle?

    Muscle looks awesome, but not with fat over it

    Thanks guys.

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    You can cut cals, just make sure you keep protein VERY high, and also, avoid empty cals like sugars(simple carbs).


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