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Thread: anadrol/deca ?

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    Question anadrol/deca ?

    new, been lurking for several months.
    i need comments
    i been taking anadrol 50 for 20 days (1 tab/day ) and just got a hold of deca 200 by plans are to go ahead and take 8 weeks of deca and i only have 30 a/50 left. the only stacks i've seen show to take them together from start.will it matter that i've got a 20 day headstart on the a/50 with only 30 left.
    33years old,
    lift 2 years,
    first time juiced,
    155 lbs. (hard gainer same weight 3 years),
    struggling to keep up high calories,
    maintaining protein with the help of whey,
    have only seen about 6lbs on body weight but strong strength gains since day one.
    thanks for coments and advice

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    Outside your bedroom wind
    5'11 155? I've been there bro...actually i've been 5'10 142 to be exact. Can you say holocaust?
    I looked sick looking.

    Bro, but at your weight, you should look definately better than I did. . .i find it hard to believe you couldn't manage a lb. of muscle in 3 years... You said yourself managing to get enough calories is a struggle. There are a few major reasons why people do not gain in the gym: Don't train with the right intensity, Don't Eat right, Don't rest properly, and low Testosterone levels . Yes, there are more, such as stress, and illnesses. .but I'm talking about the big four that are KEY in a musclebuilding program. Steroids are not the answer. Get that diet in check, and then get back to juicing. 1 bottle of Deca200 is not enough anyway. You need at least 2 for a sufficient 400mg cycle. A-Bombs + Deca = Progesterone Gynecomastia . Be careful with that combo. . .shit that is risky.

    How is your training? Have you been increasing weights over the past 3 years, or have you just been going through the motions? You can not do the same thing day in and day out and expect to gain muscle. Bro, gaining muscle is not as hard as people make it to be. Eat right, train hard, rest well. . .there you go. You probably could gain just as much off that 'cycle' you are doing right now. Reason why I put quotes around the word cycle is because an oral only cycle is usually a . . .ESPECIALLY when we're talking about something as harsh as abombs. That stuff will go away as fast as it came on. That is why we stack with injectables.

    You shouldn't be running those drol for more than another week. . . and if you started deca NOW, it wouldn't be in your system for 3 weeks, that leaves 2 weeks where you are VERY vulnerable to side effects. Bro, more research is needed before you jump into things from now on. I hope at least you have clomid so when you stop those drol next week, you will be able to get HPTA back.

    Save your deca and extra drol for another cycle, later on. Try to gain some weight eating HEAVY and doing the other things I stated above. If you have any questions regarding training, diet, or workout, please, by all means visit the "Fitness Forum" and ask ANYTHING your little heart desires. I will personally make sure every one of your questions gets answered. Be safe bro.

    Grow big!

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    what else can i say? good one PP!

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    i knew i was gonna get hammered; i appreciate your straight forward response, i agree with you and will follow your advice, i just needed to hear it.
    i do have clomid and will cease a-bombs at once.
    its ashame because i did enjoy the weight gain as well as lifting more every time i go to the past i always lifted medium weight-high reps, in past 2 months i changed to heavy weight low reps (till failure) 3 times a week.
    temtation for help was just to great (just sick of no progress)
    absolutley no neg. sides as of yet; will stop drol at once and save deca .

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