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    Can I use Trenbolone Acetate(fina) with Proscar?????

    i Know your not supposed to use proscar with deca . Can i use it in a test, eq and Fina cycle??

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    Im going to be using it while im on my eq, sust, dbol cycle, but im not to sure about fina though

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    6,289 many cycles have you done? No flame...but fina is definately not a begginers drug. What does you proposed stack look like?

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    proscar wont be effective with any DHT derivite>>>>>> tren , winn, masterdone, ect....

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    Not a good idea to use with Progesterone A/S. It will just speed up the hair loss process. There is a really good post by IronGame about hair loss do some search bro. If you decide to go with winny,masterone and premo make sure to get Nizoral2% and Minoxidil5% both are good for removing the DHT from the scalp.

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    The original jason Guest
    like i said in the last question fina converts to dhn not dht and dhn when mixed with propecia finastride the dhn becomes more harsh on the hair than dht same reason its not mixed with deca like i said im not sure of the exact science


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