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Thread: What a joke!

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    What a joke!

    Just read the new bcs changes. Hell I really don't see why they don't just call it the usc. My god are they that upset that a team that lost to a no name last year didnt make the bcs championship that they are going to change everything. No longer does strength of schedule or quality wins matter. HAHA Yea boy that tough pac 10 conference( the most defensive oriented by far!) plays nobodys but now it doesnt even matter.

    Give me a break. Sorry usc fans but this is a slap in the face to any college football team that plays in a competitive conference or a competitive schedule. I personally would like to see oklahoma enter the woodpecker league and dominate now that it doesnt even matter who you beat. Sure the BCS has its flaws but this is ridiculous. I'll be glad if it ever goes. Now every team with a tough schedule is going to have to win out while others *cough cough* (usc) plays cupcakes in the no defensive pac 10.

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    The only true way to ever solve this problem is to have a playoff system in D1A college football. I agree the BCS is a joke now that it will only use the polls to factor who plays for the naional title. What are they going to do this year if more than 2 teams finish unbeaten? They will be in the same mess they were in last year. The only time the BCS actually comes close to doing what it is suppose to do is when there are two teams that clearly deserve to be in the title game. But as we all know that rarely happens. All I know is they better hope only 2 teams finish unbeaten. I hope ten teams go undeafeated then hopefully the BCS will go up in smoke.

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