hey, I'm new to the forum. I think that this is a great place to converse about sport specific topics.

In 7th grade I was a distance guy, running the 1600meter. I was the best in my grade, and just alittle behind a small number of 8th graders from other schools. However, my attention was diverted from track to lifting weights. Eventually, from trial and tribulations I came across powerlifting. I am semi-ok at the sport, but I feel that running has always been where my heart is at. ------- I want to compete in track, and hopefully be the best in my school, and district by my senior year. Every other sprinter that In know doesnt just do track. This is why I feel that I can beat them in their own sport. Besides I have 4 years to become good.
Enough rambling! STats: height 5 foot 7 weight 173lbs Not all lean weight
squat 380lbs, deadlift 350lbs, bench press 235lbs.
The race I want to run would be the 400meter dash. I have somewhat of an idea of what a training program should include. Olympic lifts/sprint(speed work/endurance work.) I'll probably have to drop some fat too, although I can visably see my abdominals, and have stritations in my legs.

If anyone has any suggestions at all, please post them. All help is appreciated!