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    Question sprinting workouts

    hello can someone give me some advice on strenght training and sprinting routines .i am a beginner and want to start training for these events.any help for the beginner is greatly appreciated

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    do a search on my posts

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    yeah if ur workin on the 100 then do more short sprints and resistance training like do 10x10's 8x20's 6x30's and 4x40's and then after all that jog a 400 kinda like u would a cool down and then come back and run 2 full 100's at 3/4 speed for the first 60 and then the last 40 pick it up to full speed. should help alot but will be tough when starting out harder then it appears

    for the 200 u can do the same thing but lengthin then distances and shortin then reps.
    jog a lap
    2x200's 3/4 speed until the last 75m

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