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    My endurance stack???

    How does this endurance stack for a 2-6 mile college track and cross country runner look?

    3gr. choline bitartrate
    3gr. Tyrosine
    2.25gr. ALCAR
    3gr. Citrulline Malate
    2.25gr. Taurine

    I'm gonna use this pre workout and pre cardio.
    Would this be a good endurance mix?
    Also will the effects eventually wear off and should i cycle any of this???
    should i get anything else?

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    your fridge
    Will someone please help this guy out.

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    3gr. choline bitartrate (fine)
    3gr. Tyrosine (drop it for 1-2 grams of Acetyl-l-tyrosine)
    2.25gr. ALCAR (fine 3 is perfect)
    3gr. Citrulline Malate ( take 6-9 grams DAILY)
    2.25gr. Taurine ( 4 grams)

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