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    In season fat burner???

    Hey, I was wondering what you guys think would be the best in season fat burner?? I'm 5'11 215, would like to shed about 10-20 lbs of body fat, without losing too much muscle or strength. I play in a semi-pro working mans sort of league and we only practice once a week and one game a week so the season alone isnt enough to burn the fat. Any suggestions??

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    ECA or ECY stack... Clen if you can handle it (i wouldnt use it the days your out on the field)....

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    wouldnt advise using a fat burner during season.

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    do cardio on your days off and lift for endurance /and work fast twitch. i play too and find i'm stronger on season than off so endurance is necessary, this goes right along with the cardio. make it hurt, bad . come gamedays 4th quarter you'll still be wild when everyone else is mild. fourth quarters the judge who's been workin and who's not. hit me up!

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