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Thread: HGH for rehab??

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    HGH for rehab??

    21/ 6'1/ 205 catcher
    I'm fixing to have tommy john surgery in a week and am considering taking hgh (jinotropin, 4 iu 5/2) during the recovery process mainly to keep my body in shape and keep as much strength as possible for the 2-3 first months of recovery. My arm will pretty much be useless during this time and my main concern is the amount of strength that I will lose in my upper body and my mind set is that hgh will help since taking aas would pretty much be useless without being able to lift weights. I've read about the fat loss associated with hgh and how your body can actually put on lean mass over a period of time without actually doing anything. If this is true, then would it make sense to try hgh pretty soon (I would use it up to 6 months in total) or would it be a waist of money. I have experience with steroids ( usually do a simple cycle of winny each year ), but have never tried HGH, would it beneficial or not? Thanks

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    I know lots of dudes who swear by HGH for coming off injury/surgery, but I don't know about putting on lean mass w/o working out.

    Check out the HGH forum for the answer to that and a lot else...but I'll be curious to see what you decide after some research, keep us ballplayers updated.

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