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    igf-1 and insuline morning and night?

    ok I need some advice, I'm going on my last mass cycle before I start cutting up in march for the provincial championships in june,and I was wondering if I should split my insuline and Igf-1 in the morning and after my training exp:

    30mcg igf-1 morning
    3 units insuline morning
    30mcg igf-1 after training
    3 units insuline after training
    (this lasting 25 days)
    whole cycle lasting 6 weeks with 2000mg test the whole run with anadrol and deca

    now I know this would afect my diet cause of the slin in the morning so do I eat like I would when I take my slin after training(15 min after,I take a shake with 100 grams simple carbs 60 grams protien 20 grams glutamine and 45 mins later a meal with lots of carbs and meat(60 grams protien)

    I might add hgh but I don't think I really need to with the Igf-1 don't wanna waste $$$ for nothing , but If I should i will.

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    This is a good question. I've given it some thought before and I really don't know. You would think the IGF-1 would help keep the fat off from a 2x ed slin injection. Also, I hope you're just starting at 3ius of slin and working up.

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