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    FAKE gh from china -THE SEQUEL

    please read the FAKE gh from CHINA thread ammjust below first

    im assuming that you was saying that amm****s gear was legit that you bought ansomone from them and it tested out ok????

    that would go along with the emaisl they sent me
    its long but please read. I just sent this PM to Buffnuts. so read it as if I had sent it to him and not you.

    to Buffnuts:
    just had an order for ansomone direct from manufacturur seized by customs. Always had a gut instinct against amm****s, when after inquiring bout their high shipping cost of 100 i.u HGH to uk ($120 ) i complained and they IMMEDIATLY reduced it to 60 dollars (WTFu**) I though there and then they are sharks!!! I foregot bout them til now with customs seizing my order I thought what the heck i,ll try them see if i get a better feeling bout them now i emailed them over the last few days concerning some hgh (jino) and they asked me how many did i still want 50 (that was the amount i was going to order) and I got this reply

    Dear customer
    Re:Jintropin 50 i.u
    Thank you for your email reply.
    If you could confirm your order today, then we will arrange another fresh delivery of 50ius. Do you still need 50ius rHGH? Please advise. '

    now thats clear right????? i asked for JINO
    so after reading the BB forums, I always do a search for bad press bout suppliers and I found your thread/post and i though shiiiiiiit

    Desperate I sent this email (blunt and to the point)

    'Dear amm****s:
    one problem though theres been a lot of bad press about you from genlei (manufacturer of jino) your on thier website dude and also on a couple of the bb forums (I was referring to your post dude). some poeple are claiming that you sent out fake gear

    Im prepared to give YOU the benefit of the doubt providing you guarrantee again
    1customs seizure,
    2theres a tracking number and
    3serial numbers on the vials of jinotropin

    can you guarrantee each of these THREE points

    I need a yes for each of these questions

    I know a hell of a lot of people in the steroid /bb world. I can put a lot of custom your way providing I get Legit gear'

    anyway up until now amm****s had ALWAYS emailed me back in like 1 hr (staright away) anyway after sending this BLUNT email no response nada nothingo!

    I keep emailing him and then i get this response today:
    'dear customer

    Re:Jintropin 50 i.u
    Thank you for your email reply.
    We build up good business based on mutual trust. Please go to Genlei to buy the product since you are trusting them so much. We have sold out our product, and unable to supply this product until March 10. Please confirm.
    Good luck. '

    what a surpise suddenly no jino not what he said in the other email was it?

    so i email him and say

    'DONT TAKE OFFENCE. This is business, These issues were raised on bb forums. If you deal with me and the products are good. I will be more than happy to refer other people to you.

    what is your list concerning the HGH, which brand are you selling?'

    and he replies only ANSOMONE in neutral packaging!!! now i know ansomone manufactureres and they do do neutral packaging but my point is @ no way of checking legitimacy'

    beware they are dodgy !!!

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    Thanks for the info, bro. Here's a bump.

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