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    insuline post workout

    Hi guys, I planning to make a 8 week cycle with slin, I will work out 3 times per week and only take slin after my workout, as soon as I finish my work out I will take a 10 iu shot than take 100g glucose, 10g creatine, 10g BCAA, 10g glutamine, 1 animal pack and 100g of amino acids, one hour and a half later I will consume the same supplements, am I taking the right supplements for maximum effect, I want to get the best out of my insulin use, any feedback

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    Even at 3 times p/week, I still wouldn't use it for 8 weeks straight. But that's just me because I like to be safe. Your PPWO and PPPWO meals should consist of whole foods. Don't ever let your body depend on processed nutrition such as powders etc. Your body responds and digests whole foods a lot easier than processed foods. So, your PWO nutrients are fine, but your PPWO and PPPWO nutrition should defenitly be from whole foods.

    Good luck.


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    yes you can

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