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Thread: Igf-1

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    I just wanted to know if the gains made on IGF-1 are permenant or easily keepable. Most guys i know who have done hgh have tended to keep thier gains, is igf like this

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    Yes the gains while on igf-1 are permanent because all the weight you gain on igf-1 is muscle fibers which is real muscle and its not going to go anywhere.

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    yea new fibers baby thats y ur body composion changes i bet thers no better feeling than after a few cycles of igf-1

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    Half way through my 1st igf-1 cycle... Liking the results...

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    at what doses ?

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    im in 10 days 40mcg and up 5lb, also running fina 50mg ed, got diet on track last 6 of those 10 days, so its more like 5lbs. in 6 days

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    OK just a question - is there any actual studies confirming this bro'ism? Does either IGF-1 or rHGH activate satelite cells. studies confirming the activation of satelite cells in humans after long term use - 6 month - rHGH would be great. This link although the studies cited here don't seem to be long term enough the source is usually quite thorough with reports and I doubt they would have excluded a fact if it was one in humans. It claims that the effects of hgh through its release of igf-1 do not seem to cause hyperplasia or the creation of new cells...I'd love for this to be proven wrong through a study someone may have the link to. Please share if you do. <--what i was refering to in post <--May be of interest to some


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