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    oratropin-1 on ketogenic diet,high fat, no carbs

    i'm about 4 weeks out from my show and 6 weeks from the next show...i'm at about 5%bodyfat. i'm on
    gh 4iu ed
    100mg prop ed
    50mg tren ed
    50mg winni ed
    40mg anavar ed
    50mg proviron ed
    50mg materon eod
    clen 160mcg ed
    .5mg armidex ed
    t3 25mcg ed

    i'm eating 250g protien. 150g fat. 20g carb.. 2hrs cardio 7 days a week..

    my question is i have some oratopin should i use it now or wait untill after the show.. do you think it will help with my contest prep... my stats are 5'6 200lbs 5%bodyfat... thanks fellas..

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    Apr 2004
    bump any info will help...

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    i wish i could give you a good answer for this bro, but since ive never gotten in contest shape i cant guess what your body will do. personally i think if your not sure its better to wait, and try it out when you have more time.

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