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    slin+igf1lr3 and theyre effects on the brain

    ok the past few days since i started my igf1lr3 cycle at 80mcg/d plus 10iu slin either PWO or in the morning

    my memory has gotten tremendously sharper

    could there be a connection between the igf slin combo and my memory getting better??

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    dont know about ifg, but i do know that hgh is supposed to have a good effect on the memory, and gh releases igf, so who knows

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    Quote Originally Posted by jwillfcsl
    dont know about ifg, but i do know that hgh is supposed to have a good effect on the memory, and gh releases igf, so who knows
    yes this is true of hgh but not sure about igf-1. HGH does release plenty more growth factors and stimulate plenty more responses in the body not purely igf-1. I find this interesting though. Thankyou for mentioning this. Someone with experience in insulin might be able to clarrify if the insulin is in fact working synergistically with your endogenous hgh release..again i'm not an expert on this.


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    Insulin wouldn't... that is purely for nutrient distribution...

    LL08 is correct, HGH could increase memory function, and IGF-1 may too...

    I am not sure on this, but heres my theory: Increased IGF-1 levels, as observed by numerous heavy HGH users (HGH elevates your IGF-1 levels similar to running IGF-1), show signs similar to that of being a child again (You have high IGF-1 levels when you're young and rapidly growing), e.g increased need to sleep, and noticable growth of everything in the body not only muscle... Now maybe these increased IGF-1 levels would increase your brains capacity a little too? Just like when you grow up during schooling years your capacity to learn increases (up to a certain point)

    The reason I speak of HGH is because it has been around longer and it's effects are more commonly understood, and it's mode of action is though an increase in IGF-1 levels anyway...

    Just some food for thought...


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