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    Question Gh

    when do you take it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by novastepp
    when do you take it?
    8:00am and 2:00pm are the best times because that's when cortisol levels are at there peak. Some people are of the idea of taking it before bed because that's when your greatest "natural" release occurs, but by taking GH in the morning as mentioned above may not interfere with your nocturnal release. If possible going IM PWO in the am is ultimate IMO. Also taking slin and t3 will enhance the effects og GH tenfold IMO...i wouldn't do GH without either.

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    12 said 8 am and 2pm.....

    what if you work 2nd shift...and don't wake up til about 10am and don't go to bed until about 2am?

    what times would it be then, or would it matter?

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    i would say divide the amount of hours you are usually awake throughout the day, and cut it in half. That number should be your second shot of GH, do the first upon waking regardless of when you do.....

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