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    HGH & Vanadyl Sulphate

    does anybody know of any research behind taking hgh and vanadyl sulphate??? Good or bad thing??
    Cheers dudes..........

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    supersteve Guest
    I don't think vanadyl can be taken for too long, the toxicity builds up in your system quite quickly.

    I do think it works though, I went hypo a few times when I took it at even a small dose.

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    Vanadyl is an OK glucose disposal agent so it will definately help you benefit when taking GH sinse the GH will be inhibiting your insulin ability to shuttle nutrients as well, but the duration of use would have to be considered...I would use r-ala and or chromium over VS...Metformin being even better, and slin running alone at the top of the list for a disposal agent.

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