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    German Growth Hormone

    it seems like last year when i had no intrest(financial reasons) in doing growth yet i couldn't walk in the gym with out someone comeing up to me asking if i wanted kits of sterosim. now no one has it. i finally ran into a guy i used to deal with and he's got some german 126IU kits for sale for a real good price. he also mentioned it does not have to be refrigrated untill it's mixed. now i've never heard of any type of german growth hormone but i'm a growth rookie so i was hoping some one here might have heard of them, and if they are legit is it true that you don't have to refrigrate them untill mixed? any help is appericated.

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    ill bump this for ya.

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    It´s serono serostim .Could be OK,but shouldn´t it be a 26IU kit?
    serono is not available in german pharmacies.
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