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    messed up shoulder

    sometime in late october, i was working out on a sore shoulder. i know, bad move. anyway, i was repping out 315(not heavy). on one of the reps, about halfway up, my shoulder let out this crunching feeling. it hurt like you wouldnt believe. i dropped the weight a little, but caught it and threw it up. i got up and tried to stretch it, but it was hurt bad. i wasnt sure what i did. the pain was in my anterior deltoid. its about 3 inches up from the crack in my armpit. i thought i pulled a muscle in my shoulder, or pulled a tendon at most. well, i went off of it completely for over a month. after that, i started working out with light weight. its now the end of december, i still cannot lift as heavy as i used to, partially b/c of my shoulder pain, and because i guess that month off let my strength go out the window. the pain still occurs whenever i go over 200lbs.

    i didnt get it checked out because im in iraq and these army doctors are morons. i get leave in 2 weeks, and i'm gonna get it checked out back in the states.

    does anyone have a clue as to what i did to it if its still causing me pain even after not working hard on it???


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    I have a similar problem myself, doc sust. should be able to give you some sound advice. other than that, go see a doc. and be cautious

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    The shoulder is a very complex joint, and also quite unstable because of its huge ROM. It could be a number of things, it would be best to get it checked out. Shoulder problems have a habit of getting worse or coming back after recovery, so it would be best to find out what it is. It sounds like structural damage, rather than any type of rotator cuff tear, but it could still be related to the rotator cuff.

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