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    Physical Therepy????

    Can someone please explain physical therepy to me? I have problems with back and neck pain. My shoulders keep going out of place and a doctor told me if physical therepy doesn't help i may have to get an operation to tighten my shoulders. I dont want to do that because it'll have me in bad for a while, about 3 months and its gonna push me back in training bad...

    Can someone give me an idea ?

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    Do what the doc says or you may be done lifting for good.

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    what is your official medical diagnosis?have you seen a chiropractor yet/ iw ould try this first along with the phyical therapy and see if it helps. PT is exerciseing specicific muscle groups and using pain modalities to help fully restore function to a specific injured area. chiropractors like myself do PT as well as physical therapists.

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