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    Need advice quick about my cycling??!!

    Hello everyone!I need some advice about clen tabs???
    I have currently started taking my frist cycle of clen, i am on my first week.
    I am 5'4 and 112 lbs. I wanted to tone up and loose body fat, and hoping that this will do the trick, and i also do not get much excercise so is it still going to work??basically i just wanted some advice and info. from someone that has taken it before? I am only 19 and a female, and i do not know anyone personaly that is a women and has taken it, so im i wasting my time?...thank you, shape10

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    I would not recommend using anything without adding exercise and a proper diet to the plan. Request access to the female forum and come talk to the ladies about your diet and level of exercise.


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    ttuPrincess Guest
    clen isnt gonna help much without proper diet and exercise... and 112 at 5'4 hun I dont think you need to be losing much more

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    lol ur tiny already...i agree no clen

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    Clen would be a waste of time...

    as suggested above you need a good diet and training program...

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