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Thread: ? about winni

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    ? about winni

    i am a female boxer and a weight lifter. was seeing a guy who was a power lifter and he had gotten me "winnie" 10mg pink tyko brand he was sapose to train with me and moniter me on winnie now he broke up with me and now i am left with this stuff and don't know how to take it is is one half in the a.m and the other in the p.m untill gone ..what can i exspect from winni i was benching 185 but had to get my hand fused now i am still lifting with a cast what do i do help..... oh and how many cycles do i need i know if i take them to they are gone that is a cycle right. thanks
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    You have access to the female board now. You should be able to research the female use of steroids more in there.

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