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Thread: Cytomel

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    Question Cytomel

    I am considering beginning a cycle of Cytomel T3 and would like advise, and or results. I am 26 yrs old 5'4 127lbs. I have been involved with weightligting for about 6 years. Currently I run 40 minutes, 5 days a week. Lifting weights 30 minutes, 4 times a week. I consider myself "muscular", but have had problems in the past getting "too big" so I have cut back on my lifting routine by focusing on lighter weight and increased reps. I have always had a problem getting "cut". I work so hard to build and maintain my muscles, yet I don't have that ripped apperance. I can't say that I have a very strict diet. In the mornings I drink a Myolplex Lite shake, a lunch usually a Lean Cuisine meal, and at dinner chicken or shrimp with a side of rice and a salad. Yes, I know I should be eating 6 small meals a day, but my work schedule does not permit. Plus, I do not have much discipline when it comes to food, and my portions are more than they should be. Is Cytomel the easy way out? Maybe, but before I begin my cycle I would like advice. I have researched, but there is not much info on women. I was planning on taking Cytomel for 3 weeks, beginning with 25mcgs for the first 3 days, moving up to 50mcgs for the remaining time, go back to 25mcgs per day after 3 weeks for a one week period. Is this correct? Are there other things I should be doing while on the cycle? Any help would be appreciated, or results from other women would be great! Thanks and sorry for the long profile, I wanted to make sure I included all necessary info.

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    You Sholud Start Out With 12.5 And You Should Finish With 12.5 (break The Pill In Half) And Do A Light Cycle With It If You Want So You Dont Lose Mus.

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    Cytomel is not a magic pill. It will increase your metabolism as it is a thyroid hormone but you will still need to adjust your diet. Click on this thread, it will tell you everything you need to know about t3 including how to cycle it.

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    Rule #1: never use T3 without knowing the possibles sides (tyroid shut down...)
    Rule #2: Never use T3 by itself. It needs to be stack with an AS to preven the muscles loss. Your metabolism will increase for sure and you'll burn fat but you'll also burn muscles. So if you're not using an AS to replace the muscle loss your fat proportion will remain the same. In some case, the person will even look fater than she was at first...

    usually people are starting at 12.5mcg and are slowly increasing (not going at the max in one week) and they are sloooowwwly decreasing. Think about it twice before popping a pill, beause like JDMSilvia said, cytomel is not a magic pill...


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