Is my PCT ok?

Current cycle:
Test ent: 400mg per week 1-10
Test prop:400mg per week 1-3, then 600mg 9-12
EQ: 400mg per week 1-12
Winy depot:200mg per week 9-12
HGH: 4iu ed 1-12
Nolvadex : 10mg ed
Anastrozole: 1mg 3 times a week

PCT: 21 days after last eq shot.
Anastrozole: 1mg 3 times a week 1-4
day 1 300mg clomid 20mgs nolva
day 2 200mg clomid 20mgs nolva
day 3-20 100mg clomid 20mgs nolva
day 20-30 50mg clomid 20mgs nolva

I have proviron and Hcg , should I add them, Im thinking of adding Hcg in the last three weeks at 5000 iu per week and adding the proviron at 50 mg ed from day 1-30 of my pct.