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    losing fast on pct?

    guys im on day 6 of an m1t pct and have lost around 6-7 lbs already. at the end of my cycle i looked like a bloated mofo! now i am visibly leaner and my strength is still going up everyday. question is are those lost lbs water or muscle? im guessing its water coz i am doing pct correctly and my daily caloric intake hasnt changed if not higher. could it be the cardio? i do 5 times a week 45-60 mins. thanks.

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    Sounds like water to me if your strength is still going up. Never used M1T myself but with dbol , I lost some water weight after but strength kept going up, but the test was kickin in.

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    try cardio for 20-25 minutes 3 days ew, adjust your workouts,dont over train and keep your diet clean, and keep the calories and protein high, try using glutamine and trib, b 12 will help your appetite if you arent eating enough

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