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    Liquid Nolva,clomid,femara

    Alright i need some nolvadex ,clomid and femara for a cycle im about to start test E and eq.Is liquid nolva the same as nolvadex tabs.I also have 30 50mg clomid tabs and i was gonna order 30 more so i would have enough for pct but would it be ok to order liquid clomid and take the tabs.Im also not sure about how much of each i will need.i can buy the liquid nolva at 20mg/ml-60ml vial would that be enough for a 10 week cycle 400mg test e and 400 mg eq per week and pheedno's pct?Also like i said i already have 30 clomid tabs 50mg i can get liquid clomid 50MG/ML - 60ML VIAL would that be enough for pct also i want to get some femara so i dont bloat up. Basically i just need someone to give me an amount of each please.Also the amount to take eack day.Thanks

    Liquid Nolva=
    Liquid Clomid=
    Liquid Femara=
    Remember 10 week Test E and Eq 400mg each per week.

    Sorry for the long message.Thanks for any info helping.Thank you.

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    The liquid chemicals are the same as pill form. Also, you have chosen Pheedno's PCT. His PCT recommends a 30 day PCT for a cycle between 8-16 weeks which is where you fall in.

    "Day 1-30- .25mg L-dex + 100mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva"

    Femara is stronger than l-dex and I use this as well but If you are going to use Pheedno's PCT stick with l-dex instead.

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    SpringsBridge7 Guest
    Thanks but how much nolva and l dex should i take during my cycle?

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