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    Arrow testicular atrophy in week 4 of a 6 week cycle, input appreciated.

    i am in week four of a deca dbol cycle and am not taking nolvadex , but was going to do hcg and then two weeks clomid post cycle. my question is should i take the hcg (which is gonakor 2500 iu in a 10 ml bottle) at 2 ml every third day till the end of my cycle, and will it work? from research this seems to me like it will be safe and effective, but as a first timer i would like to know from veterans if my assumption is correct.

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    I've done three cycles, never used deca though, and always used HCG . 500iu every 3 days is pretty much the standard and it's what gear guru Swale recommends.

    Deca can be pretty tough on the nads from what I hear -I'm told eod at 500iu would work if needed. Personally I just go by how my nads feel -if they get shrinky they really kill me and I gotta use HCG. I couldn't do a cycle without the stuff myself. Some guys say they never get shrinkage -in which case there's no need for HCG. Personally I measured my huevos before my first cycle and I make sure they're there again when I do PCT.

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    Yes use the HCG . Every third day is fine.

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    that is an old style cycle and the reason why you are experiencing atrophy is the deca . Deca is harsh drug on the testicular production. Dbol combined with deca is a terrible combination because you cant gauge the correct mg's in comparison to the deca. Your mg's in test should over whelm you mg's in deca and you wont suffer from such a side effect so quickly because test enhances male characteristics and keeps your libido. Stomach enzymes break oral alkalated drugs like dbol down before they can fully saturate into the blood stream. So in actuallity if you take 5 mg's you are not getting 5 mg's. A cycle should run in something like this.

    500mg test
    400mg deca

    See how the test is 100mg over the deca? The test is the base of your cycle and dominates dosages.

    Run HCG 500units ED for 5 days. Then run a 4 week 100mg a day clomid therapy using nolvadex as well to combat the estrogen back lash. You will need the nolvadex to take care of the estrogen rush to the receptors and let clomid be effective with out taking its main ability away. If you run clomid by itself it will be diverted by the estrogen and and be inhibited to do its job.

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