this has been working well for me.

last night i took 300mg of clomid... and ive done pretty well throughout the whole day... no bizarre emotional distress, nothing

first off lemme tell you something about myself.....
(please fully read this if you wanna understand this advice)

im probably one of those people who should never even think about taking roids or especially clomid.... i have a short temper, frequently depressed, very iritable, can be violent when provoked... im just a ****en nut BUT!! (this is a huge but, a major exception)

i see a psychiatrist to help me with my mood disorder and im currently taking zoloft and lamictal... that drug combo makes me feel as happy as any other guy who doesnt have the neurological disease i have, and i get along with others great and rarely experience even slight symptoms anymore


aside from lamictal and zoloft, theres another drug called Trileptal which is an extremely mild sedative (doesnt make you sleepy, just calms you... even at a high dosage theres no bizarre drunken feeling like there is with soma)... this essentially stabilizes the mood

i remember one time when i was having a horrible side effects while on Anadrol , and after taking the trileptal THEY ALL DISAPPEARED!
no longer irritable... no longer had any sort of mood swings nothing!

my point is, is that using mood stabilizers and/or anti-depressants perscribed from my doctor has helped me, someone who would totally flip out had i not been on this stuff, get through PCT and my cycle scott free

im just hoping that some of you out there who have bad side effects (anger/deprresion/aggresiveness) due to clomid and steroids
might consider trying this method insteading of putting so much stress on yourselves by going through the awful clomid experience and asking your doctor about those meds instead

just trying to help, and i hope it works for others