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    Question Clomid, Nolva, and PCT Questions. Please Help :)

    I have been reading on this form for a long time and recently joined. I have lately been trying to find out what would be the best PCT gear to use and wheather i should use Clomid and Nolva or even something else.

    I just started a test 250 / deca 300 cycle shooting 2x a week (Monday and thursday). my first shot was last thursday(6 days ago) 1cc of the deca and my second shot was this past Monday(2 days ago) 1cc of test. Tomarrow i am going to begin to shoot 1/2cc of test with 1/2cc of deca in the same syringe 2x a week on the same days.

    I have been told that it is better to run more test than deca but i only have 10cc of each. In order to keep my gains, keep off water weight and retention (especially in the face), and keep my "Twigs And Berries" working properly. What else should i be on or what do i need to take after the cycle. I REALLY dont want deca dick and i would like to be able to use it when i please .

    I know that a lot of water and low sodium helps with the water retention but i would love some more input on this.Also. Is it bad to have sex while on your cycel? And if so when can i start shaggin again?

    I have tried to figure ths out on my own but after hours of research i thought mabey i could give you a chance to help out a bro. It isnt always easy to take someone elses experience and use it as your own.

    THANKS SO MUCH GUYS! ! ! What would i do without you?

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    bump for an answer

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