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    Experiences from Hcg

    Hey guys I was wondering why hcg isnt suggested for all cycles if it helps the testes recover quicker. Is it only for cycles longer than 12 wks because Im starting to get a little testicular atrophy and Im only 5 wks deep? And did it help you guys keep more of your gains when you came off

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    It should help with recovery. Everyone has different recommendations for it's use. HCG definitely can be used for cycles of any length (including 12 weeks). It would definitely help with testicular atrophy.

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    I agree. Just keep it at 500iu every 2-3 days at absolute max -I do it 500 iu a couple times a week. It may be effective for you at half that dose. It depends on how much gear your taking. And be sure to include Nolva -you need an anti-aromatase with it.

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