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    I am going to be starting a cycle next week , my previous cycle experience has been only with winny so I havent needed any anti e or HCG .

    This cycle however i will be running
    week 1-12 SUST 500mg/week
    week 4-12 Winny 50mg EOD

    My question is when should i start taking the anti e's? I have been researching for a while and have found conflicting opinions, people saying that i should run HCG all the way through my cycle some saying to run it afterwards for 4 weeks etc...

    Any help would be great on this guys thanks

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    start taking nolva immediately, also could add l dex, clomid starts 18 dats after last sus shot, and run sus eod, and winny ed, it will help keep your blood levels more stable, and you will experience lesws sides, anti e's should look like this
    1-12 nolva 10 mgs ed
    1-12 l dex .25 mgs ed
    run those doses until clomid starts 18 days later then
    clomid 100 mgs ed
    nolva 20 mgs ed
    run those 30 days, then l dex for 7 days at .25 mgs ed

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