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    Quick PCT question

    What is the advantage of running the clomid at 100mg for thrity days, versus running the clomid 300/100/50? Thanks


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    The time your natural test levels will be the lowest will be in the beginning of your PCT. Then hopefully your natural test will start to rise and you will need less and less clomid. This way you sort of ween your way off of the clomid and back to normal.

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    clomid has a long half life (5 days).
    i would recommend 30 days at 100mg/day as frontloading 300mg on the first day some people experience visual problems and i personally suffered the worst headache imaginable which i blame on taking 300mg on day 1.

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    I go with 200/150/100/50

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    I frontload with 300mg for the first three days of clomid therapy, then taper down to 200, 150, 100, and then 50mg over a two week period. I then break for two weeks and use HCG at 2000iu every 5 days, then go back on the clomid for another two weeks. At the high dosage level of clomid, I also get vision problems but they go away almost immediately after the therapy is over.

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