I just finished my cycle today which was:

wk 1-5 Prop 75mg ed
wk 1-14 Deca 400mg
wk 1-15 Test E 500mg
wk 15-17 Prop 75mg ed
Nolvadex 10mg ed
Vit b6 200mg ed
Ldex .25mg ed
Tribulous 3-4g ed

Clomid Starts 3 days after last Prop shot
Nolvadex gets bumped up to 20mg ed for pct

My question are
1-whats good dosages I should use for clomid and How long do I do it for?
2-In PCT do I still run Ldex if so when Do I stop taking that
3-Do I continue taking the b6 too?

Guys thanks in advance for any information you provide me