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    PROVIRON: how long can it be taken for at 50mg/day?

    Im not able to find a concrete answere on this.

    All im taking is DECA to help me recover from tendon injuries to my shoulders and elbows.

    Hopefully everything im taking listed below will fix my problem:

    DECA- 300mgs/week for 10 weeks
    CHONDROTIN SULFATE- 1,200 mgs/daily
    GLUCOSAMINE- 1,500 mgs/daily
    OMEGA-3 FISH OIL- 4.5 - 6 gms/daily

    I understand that taking DECA without any test is going to halt production in my testies. The only reason im taking this is to help with my injuries. But I want to make sure im doing everything I can to help the guys below out as much as possible.

    For PCT:

    CLOMID- 100mgs/30days starting a 2-3 weeks after my last injection.

    I see Proviron as being superior to Nolvadex , especialy since it does not have a rebound effect.

    How long can/should proviron be taking for, and when?


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