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    Thinking about Clen for PCT

    Hey guys currently this is my cycle:
    DBol 10mg
    Deca 300mg
    Test Ethanate 250mg
    Winstrol 10mg

    PCT - Clomid

    I am thinking of adding Clen with the PCT. I dont know much about the dosage, i have researched it but got a various results with different doseing... I have never used clen before. how should i use it in PCT?

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    clen from ***** comes in 30mL 200mcgs/, if 10 pumps=1mL then 10, 1 pump=20mcgs. I taper clen two weeks on two weeks off, never going over 160mcgs while tapering....

    Also bro, I dont know if you want your deca mgs higher than your test mgs..And def run nolva (your runnning 4 compouds) with that clomid. I would even get some cialis for the deca dick.......that you might experience.

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    clen worked great for me thru PCT. Cals kept high with no fat gain as a result.

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