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    when to start HCG??

    sup bros havin kinda confused on when to staRT HCG . Should i star takin it the day after my last shot or should i wait until all of the steriods are out of my system?? I herd that takin clomid and HCG at the same time will suppress me further. Any truth in that??

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    OK - I'm no expert but after talking to Oasis and Baron, heres what I know -
    If you're gonna run it at the end of your cycle you can go up to 1000 iu / day for 5 days then taper back. You can also run it during your cycle at 300 - 500 iu every 3 - 5 days (what Baron suggested to me). If running at the end, do it right at the end and before you start PCT. My research indicates it doesn't hurt to run Nolva during the HCG . You'll find there are as many theories as there are people on the board about HCG - so ask around - read the profiles and take the advice of the vets / mods.

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    ya, thats pretty good advice. dont forget to run hcg before PCT with clomid starts... run nolva all the way through HCG, clomid, at 20mg ED. You should not need HCG for longer than a couple/few weeks. 1000iu every couple days may work, dont forget nolva!!!

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