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Thread: PCT question?

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    PCT question?

    I just ran a short cycle of eq alone. 6 weeks @ 400 mg/week. I know I'm supposed to start clomid 3 weeks after my last injection, but what dose should I take. I've read 300 mg the first day, then 100 mg/day the rest of that week, and then 50 mg/day for 2 weeks. Is this the proper dosage for such a small cycle on a weak compound? Thanks in advance!

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    I've heard that method as well but hears what I do and it has ALWAYS worked well. 100mgs for the first 10 days and 50mgs for the next 10 days.

    Some may not agree saying its too weak but it has proven to worked well for me and others.

    Even though you did run such a small cycle it still shut you down. Anything shuts you down. Whats $30 and 3 weeks of popping a couple of pills. Good Luck!!

    Read this thread

    It will say to run it a little bit longer but I have had great experience running it the way I listed it.
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