Im now running 20mg ED of liquid novladex and 50mg ED of liquid clomid.

Problem is i was running the test between 900mg to 1200mg's per week.

I barely get any side effects from A.S. BUT i do when it comes to nov & clomid. I took it for 2 weeks and stopped to sooth down the achne but it didnt take long before i felt my testosterone leave me and i sorta caught the "flacid" problem plus bitchy mood swings. I know its all normal and will pass eventualy BUT... Should i cycle the novla & clen in a different way then im doing right now??
I also take DHEA, horny goat weed, vitamin b-12 inj ed at one full cc. (i love that stuff!!)
Quick stats of myself are 6 foot even, 260 lbs, 28 years old, and including this past cycle; I have 4 cycles under my belt.

SO, can you guys critique me or throw out any sugestions to help the side effects please. I have a bottle of accutane but im scared to use it.

any other products that i can use for PCT besides HCG ?? And products that can kill the strongest achny on the back and shoulders.

Ok, enoug with the chit chat. WRITE BACK TO ME PLEASE!!!