Hey, Here are my stats:

6'0", currently 220#, Aprox. 15-17% bf, 24yo, 7 years work out experience, 3 years aas experience.

Past Cycles: 3 cycles of 500mg Test E only for 10-15 weeks, Test E 750mg for 15 weeks with EQ 600mg, 1 Test E with Deca cycle, 1 DNP cycle

Current Cyle:

Week 1-20 : Test Enanthate 1000mg q week
Week 1-20 : Winstrol Depot Injection 50mg eod.
Clomid and Nolva on hand for Water retention/gyno symptoms

The question I have is I have only used Clomid and Nolva as Pct in my last cycles. Since I am using a higher dose of Test plus winny what would be the correct pct for my cycle? Would I need to use hcg ? If so, how much and when?

I appreciate your time and reply.