wk.1-8 300mg deca
wk.1-10 500mg sust (250mg twice a week)
start pct 18 day's after last injection

this is my second cycle...i did an 8week test only cycle about a year ago...all i used for pct was oxo6...didnt know i could order anti -e of the anabolic review website.

i plan on ordering one bottle of nolva and one bottle of clomid off the anabolic review website...question is how much to run during pct? should i run nolva everyday throughout the cycle, say at 10mg a day. how should i run my pct? should i use anything else besides nolva and clomid? should i up my deca to 400mg per week? should i extend the length of deca to 10 weeks and sust to 12? Any of your advice would be great

during my cycle i'll also be taking animal pak (2 paks per day), glucosamine, and ON whey protein (shake before and after gym and before bed), at least a gallon of water, and 5-6 decent size meals throughout the day...I'm 5'9" 190...17.5 in arms pumped...trying to bulk up to around 225 then do a cutting cycle...maybe EQ,Winny,Test