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Thread: hcg

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    howcome noone seems to be doing hcg anymore. is it because the clomid nolva l-dex is just as good. aqlso, i am ghoing to be on tst for about 5-6 monthjs. not that much 3-400 plus many other drugs, but not that are nig aromatizers.

    i was thinking of doing 100mg's daily of clomid for 2 weeks after i get done with a 5 week 400mg a week cuyp routine. running l-fdex, also on eq 500 mg;s and 250 tren enan, i was going to wait 2 weeks after the end of the cyp and run the comid for 2 weks..

    but i will still be on 300 mg's deca week,

    1cc 75mg's tren, 1cc 100 mg's qv prop. and 50 mg's qv winny every 3rd day.

    or should i just wait till the end. also, 1 have 120 drol which i am usinh at about 1 1/2 day.

    i do have 2 5000 iu's of hcg, was going to do one right after the cyp and one the last 2 weeks of the prop and winny then three days later go into normal pct.. i got a bottle of liquid cialis oh hand, i figure i will nedd that at leat for a couple weeks.

    someone advive please. alot of monet was cash advanced to get the qv stuff, it was to cheap not to.

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    Firstly, why is your cycle so cmplicated? I cant workout what your actually planning on taking where? But i do know that if your planning on running test for 5-6 months you need to administer hcg to avoid testicular atrophy, and the most efficient way to do this is to run 500ius of hcg every 4 days from the beginning of your cycle up until a week before pct is due to start.

    There is no need to take any serms (clomid and nolvadex ) during your cycle, especially nolvadex as it causes a reduction in growth hormone and hence gains. Arimidex is much more appropriate during a cycle to combat estrogen related side effects; you should run this at 0.5mg everyday.

    Then run nolvadex and clomid for pct.

    Hope this helps, and I suggest you do a lot more reading

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