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    Test/Deca cycle PCT

    height: 6'1
    weight: 190
    age: 22
    lifting regularly for 4yrs
    cycle history: 1 short Test only
    goal: gain about 20lbs


    Test E --> (1-12) 500mg/wk (250mg Wednesday & Sunday)
    Deca --> (1-10) 300mg/wk (150mg mixed with Test E)


    (Week 13)
    Nolvadex --> 20mg ED
    HCG --> 400iu ED
    Aromasin --> 20mg ED
    Vitamin E --> 1,000iu ED

    (Week 14)
    same as above

    (Week 15)

    (Week 16)
    Nolvadex --> 20mg ED
    Aromasin --> 20mg ED

    (Week 17)
    Nolvadex --> 20mg ED

    (Week 18)
    Nolvadex --> 20mg ED

    I'll also be taking Milk Thistle seed, B-12 caps, B-6 caps, daily multvitamin (GNC), Vitamin C, whey, and L-Arginine, as I am currently taking these now.
    I'll be on a diet consisting of about 4500 cals and adjusting from there.


    I'd like to add some HCG into my regular cycle somewhere, how would you guys recommend that I do this? Good idea on a cycle with Deca?

    A lot of people run Nolva throughout their cycles. What do you guys think about leaving it for pct only and using something else in case of gyno?

    Would it be better to taper off of the HCG in PCT? Maybe start at 500iu ED and taper down to a SMALL amount?

    What about Deca gyno? Although unlikely, it would be nice to what to take for that. (much debate on this topic)

    I feel like I'm forgetting something...


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    wait 2 weeks before starting PCT after last test e injection. Bump the deca to 400mg a week. 2mg per body pound is optimum for deca. dont worry about the HCG while on. Dont use nolva on cycle unless you have to for gyno. it will hinder gains. no need to taper HCG. 500iu EOD is fine for first 2 weeks of PCT. The pct looks good. (i bet thats hookers PCT). You could use Ldex (arimidex ) while on cycle to stay a little dry and avoid sides, but may not need it. these are not high doses. use at .25mg ED, and stop when cycle ends, before PCT. Your not forgetting anything, its unlikely you will get deca gyno from this.

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