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    Solid white dots in l-dex

    there are some solid white dots in my l-dex there as small as a grain of sand. What are they? Are they supposed to be there?
    Also, does anyone have anytips on dosing the l-dex. I want to take .25 everyday but thats 2.5 pumps. How do i do a hlf pump. I tried drawing with a pin but i think i waste too much that way, it ends up all over the place.

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    Never used their ldex but the white is probably flavoring. Just shake the hell out of it and it should mix. As far as the dosage. Just either go with 2 or 3 pumps, or alternate eod with those 2 to get .5 eod. I don't think .05 would make a difference if you did stick with the same amount every day.

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    very well said ..ut i think you will want to give your rat more than that ......maybe not

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