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    nolv and letro works for gyno

    Been on 80 mg of Nolv and 1.25 Letro ED, Itís definitely been working. Iíve been on it for only a week and I can tell a difference, big time. This is for a very mild case though, 2 pea sized lumps that I acquired from a few cycles a couple years ago... so big up to lion and his products! stuff works..

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    man i tried letro for 1.5 months and i havn't seen any improvement in the glands. i'm pretty bumbed out about it. i want to get more and run it with nolva but i just did an order for nolva and now i'm running out of letro. the shipping and exchange rate kills me! it basically doubles in price.

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    how does the tamox taste? I just ordered some

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    Quote Originally Posted by hardgainer1
    how does the tamox taste? I just ordered some
    Peppermint. Tastes good.

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    pea size it not a mild case

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    Pea size is not a mild case?? What would you consider a mild case, and what would be a Major case??

    I think I have a Huge bump behind my nipple and you cant even see it in the mirror

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