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Thread: Letro dosing

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    Letro dosing

    I am going to be running Letro as my anti-e during my cycle of 750mg Test-e and 500mg Deca and was just wondering about the dosage?

    I have seen it written on here that 1 squirt is 0.1ml and I have also heard that 1 squirt is 0.25ml?

    Please let me know which one is true!

    I have also been led to believe that 0.5mg a day is a good amount to run for anti-e is this correct?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    1 squirt = 0.25mg

    I would start off with 0.5mg ED and see how that works for you bro. You can lower or increase to suit your needs.

    50mg a day is not applicable for letro. Way to high!!! Maximim dose per day for letro would be 2.5mg.

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    he said .5mg not 50mg

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