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    Is tanning everday bad?

    If you go to the tanning salon everyday is that bad? Lets say I go everyday and alternate between the beds and the booths will I...

    1)Get a nice tan?

    2)Damage my skin?

    I was planning on doing this and than once I get a good tan I was going to decrease it to like 2 days on 1 day off or every other day.

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    two words.. skin cancer..

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    Agree with Elly, stick to the normal routine...
    A good tan will take time, and in taking said time, you can reduce your chance of getting skin cancer, after all, your health IS more important...

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    every 2nd day at most. you'll probably tan just as well going every other day because your skin continues to tan for 48 hours after.

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    First- start by getting a great burn, then don't tan for a few days. Once your burn has wore off, tanning should be minimal! Skin cancer CAN happen to YOU! It's not just the 60 year olds that migrate to Florida! That is a very dangerous routine to be in my man. To hold a very nice bronze, you should only need to tan once a week. Make sure to buy- DO THIS- a bed friendly tanning oil to protect your skin. No only do are you taking the chance of getting cancer, you also run a very high risk of aging badly- leathery skin is only natural after you die- not before =)

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