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    typical italian guy here. I.e, hairy chest and legs

    How do you guys shave it off?

    Being new at this, I used Nair and a few days later shaved off (with match 3) anything missed through the nair. However, on my chest, i can see this tiny red dots, I hate that look and wonder if there is a secret to the process?

    Also, when you shave, do you itch?


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    Some people just can't shave for they will come out looking like they have red goose bumps for a week. Sorry, but it's genetics. They only other advice I could give you is shave only with the grain of your hair growth and not against it. And always use a brand new sharp razor.

    But I simply don't shave anything but by face and my sack(per my wife's insistance,...kinda like it too). But I do trim everywhere else with a set of clippers at the lowest guard. Looks good and doesn't give you that typical hairless gay man at the gym look. (no offence to you guys that shave everything)

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